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The great Madison contingent at the March for Life

Above, I especially enjoyed this picture that Madison Catholic Youth posted to facebook, depicting the excitement of the highschoolers from Madison, as they’re just an hour from DC where they would attend the March for Life. But what occasion my post is young Madison Catholic Ben Yanke’s fun and epic photo post on his great… (read more)

Revealed: the liberal master plan!

Imagine Sisters

New at SVDP: a pharmacy just for the poor

Our future

From the WI State Journal Sunday: He remembers praying the rosary with his family as a middle-school student outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Madison’s East Side, which provides abortions. He figures he’s been back 30 or so times, sometimes by himself, other times with friends. “I pray not only that the institution would close… (read more)

Moving Day for Pregnancy Helpline

  This morning I noticed Pregnancy Helpline was packing up their things in a truck. This is a wonderful organization for people in need because of a pregnancy, which had their “Sharing Center” in the Holy Redeemer School Building. I spoke to two women Pregnancy Helpline volunteers who said they’re very happy the school building… (read more)

Roe v Wade anniversary Rosary Rally at the Capitol

Today about 100 Pro Life Wisconsin supporters gathered on the State Street Steps of the WI Capitol, commemorating the sorrowful 40th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that has resulted in well over 50 million abortions in the US since that time. You can view more lovely pictures of this event, even… (read more)

Jan 12 event: The Dolorous Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

I’ve been asked to post the PDF flier for Pro Life Wisconsin and Vigil for Life Wisconsin’s Saturday, Jan 12 event at 11am on the State Street Steps of the WI State Capitol for the sorrowful anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion across our country, leading to subsequent killing… (read more)

The Reason for the Season: From a Homeless Friend

At my Vinnie’s Lockers (Society of St Vincent de Paul) volunteer job serving the homeless, our longtime friend and client Dave Peters brought me a Christmas card. I loved it, and asked his permission to share it on my blog. The poem pasted in is one he wrote, and sent in to the International Library… (read more)

Modesty: not just completely relative and culturally conditioned

With the Church’s silly season on the wane, thriving orders of Sisters and Nuns are wearing habits again. After many years of plainclothes priests who would put on a clergy shirt if they had to, recently the Vatican Secretary of State issued a letter, on directions from the Pope, reminding priests and bishops working at… (read more)

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