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Our future

From the WI State Journal Sunday: He remembers praying the rosary with his family as a middle-school student outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Madison’s East Side, which provides abortions. He figures he’s been back 30 or so times, sometimes by himself, other times with friends. “I pray not only that the institution would close… (read more)

We have great seminarians in our diocese… 32 of them

Beautiful, Brave and Kind Shepherd

Catholics here have been abuzz about Bishop Morlino’s letter, posted on the diocesan website, to parishioners at St Mary’s in Platteville who revolted against their priests, resulting now in the closing of the parish school which is now in financial straits. The priests belong to the traditional Secular Institute, the Society of Jesus Christ the… (read more)

From Camp Gray to a gray habit

Theresa “Mo-T” Wilks is a staff member at the Diocese of Madison’s Camp Gray, who wants to join the good and growing Order of the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St George, based in Alton, IL. She has already been accepted, but, as is not uncommon, she has a significant amount of student loan debt,… (read more)

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