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Missa Cantata (High Mass) at Holy Redeemer this Sunday

Just a brief note: after quite a while with no music at the 7am Mass, we’ve got the Schola Cantorum in gear again. Though we’re definitely still learning to sing together perfectly, this Sunday October 6th the 7am Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Redeemer Church will be a sung Mass with Gregorian Chant. Young Ben… (read more)

A bouquet

Corpus Christi procession with Bishop Morlino

Neighborhood flowers

Valley of Our Lady Cistercian Monastery

For today’s Feast of St Anthony of the Desert (aka St Anthony, Abbot or St Anthony the Great), and because the primary focus of this blog is how Madison is rejoicing in Jesus Christ, I wanted to show you a really wonderful religious community in our diocese: the nuns of Valley of Our Lady Cistercian… (read more)

Snow day scenes

Happier than a bird with a french fry

At the young adult group “Spirit and Truth” at the Cathedral Parish, one time the icebreaker question was “what’s your pet peeve?” Monsignor Holmes’ was “when the neighbors’ chickens get in my backyard.” That’s Holy Redeemer Church over on the right. In the hippie neighbors’ backyard, their coop. I was delighted. I love chickens (alive)…. (read more)

Beauty Spot

Lo, how a rose e’er blooming…

Modesty: not just completely relative and culturally conditioned

With the Church’s silly season on the wane, thriving orders of Sisters and Nuns are wearing habits again. After many years of plainclothes priests who would put on a clergy shirt if they had to, recently the Vatican Secretary of State issued a letter, on directions from the Pope, reminding priests and bishops working at… (read more)

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