Happier than a bird with a french fry

Happier than a bird with a french fry: a bird with 3 gourmet cupcakes. Why were there 3 gourmet cupcakes on the curb? I don't know.

Student at UW Memorial Union with harness-wearing bunny on leash

The Madison Police have increasingly chosen Percherons. This was on University Avenue on the day that we protested Obama's visit to Bascom Hill.

Ladies on the run. To the right, Holy Redeemer Church. In the background, their coop.

At the young adult group “Spirit and Truth” at the Cathedral Parish, one time the icebreaker question was “what’s your pet peeve?” Monsignor Holmes’ was “when the neighbors’ chickens get in my backyard.” That’s Holy Redeemer Church over on the right. In the hippie neighbors’ backyard, their coop.

I was delighted. I love chickens (alive).

Hen party

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