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A trip to Holy Hill with my goddaughters and their brother

Foot fetishes and Holy Thursday (Bishop Morlino 110% vindicated)

First of all, I do not mean to connect a sexual paraphilia with the Holy Week Mass of the Lord’s Supper except for the grave purpose of emphasizing the utter inappropriateness of the former having any presence on the latter. Christmas morning 1998 in Scranton Pennsylvania, a priest who has recently admitted having a “foot… (read more)

Father Mazzuchelli for the New Evangelization

I have good news from the Cathedral Parish that we can have a parish book group meet at Holy Redeemer Church to read Venerable Fr Samuel Mazzuchelli’s Memoirs beginning in January, which will be an ideal way to observe the 150th anniversary of this great priest’s death, which falls on February 23rd of 2014. I… (read more)

Father Rick Heilman 25th Ordination Anniversary

Corpus Christi procession with Bishop Morlino

Parish RCIA director I met at Holy Wisdom hasn’t said he doesn’t agree with them

Regular readers may remember that there was a local parish staff person present at Holy Wisdom Monastery when I went there to deliver testimonies of local parish Catholics on why Catholics shouldn’t support the place. I carefully avoided any identifying info, but reported that I also gave the testimonies to that person. Without any happiness,… (read more)

Fr Sternberg to study in Rome, newspaper features new Catholics, Scott Jablonski ordained a deacon

As I noted a while back, my posts are going to be more infrequent for a few months. I wanted to post at least a few good news items! Father Eric Sternberg has announced on his blog that he’s leaving the associate pastor and Director of Student Ministries post at St Paul’s University Catholic Center…. (read more)

The Catholic Disneyland that is St Mary’s in Pine Bluff

Cathedral Parish videos–new and beautiful

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