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Action Alert: Pornographic Sacrilege and anti-Catholicism in The Onion

The Onion satirical newspaper had a sacrilegious, anti-Catholic, pornographic headline? You don’t say? Not exactly a man-bites-dog story is it? I’m not laughing, and after seeing the latest horrendous headline (which was VERY FAR from being the first such) I decided today to get up and do something. I also prayed, particularly at Mass this… (read more)

Wonderful Catholic Happenings I Neglected to Blog

“Found Christianity”

It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad town

Seen in Madison in 2012. Fair warning, these photos progress from funny to dark. (maybe this makes you want to play Frogger. Or maybe you’ve never played Frogger. You can here. Avoid wasting too much time: decide before you click the link how many quarters you have.) This June, on E Johnson Street. The text… (read more)

The Snowpriest

Yesterday morning, in the backyard of the rectory for the St Paul’s priests, where several UW men students also reside: is that snowman not wearing a clerical collar? A biretta would finish the picture. Inside Holy Redeemer Church today, some Hispanic parishioners and Padre Jose Luis (far right, facing camera) were working on the Creche…. (read more)

Inside Holy Redeemer School

For the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I wanted to post some pictures of inside the Holy Redeemer school building, which features the mural above hidden away in a little basement corridor… and many other wonderful secrets. But first a picture of the explosion of florae that were presented to Our Lady at last… (read more)

Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Morlino

I have been asked to post requesting participation in the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison’s Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Morlino, in thanks for his support for reverent liturgy in our diocese. The deadline for participating is Dec 23rd, but don’t wait till then, do it now while you are thinking about it. I was provided… (read more)

Fr Z at Holy Redeemer

Fr John Zuhlsdorf celebrated our 7am Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Redeemer Church. He sings simply beautifully and his homily was good. I thought some would want to see pictures from the reception after Mass. He is a very friendly great priest. Yes of course there was Mystic Monk Coffee, three varieties! Fr Z will… (read more)

National Catholic Register has great coverage of Nuns on the Bus-Faith In Public Life connection

NCRegister’s article also fleshes out the bus trip’s origin as an attempt at retaliation against the Vatican for the CDF Doctrinal Assessment of the LCWR, and to detract from the Fortnight for Freedom. In a July 2 profile of Sister Simone, Time magazine observed, “At times Nuns on the Bus can seem like Campbell’s personal… (read more)

Freedom rings from the bells of Holy Redeemer Church

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