Fr Sternberg to study in Rome, newspaper features new Catholics, Scott Jablonski ordained a deacon

As I noted a while back, my posts are going to be more infrequent for a few months. I wanted to post at least a few good news items!

Father Eric Sternberg has announced on his blog that he’s leaving the associate pastor and Director of Student Ministries post at St Paul’s University Catholic Center. He’s headed to Rome to study for a doctorate in liturgical theology at one of the pontifical universities. This is a wonderful young priest the same age as me–he’s 34. Father Sternberg has done a lot to bring tradition and beauty to St Paul’s Masses, is so dedicated to the confessional and spiritual guidance of students.

The Wisconsin State Journal had a particularly good article by Doug Erickson, that ran on the front page on Easter Sunday morning, featuring the individuals entering the Catholic Church at the Cathedral Parish’s Easter Vigil Mass. Kudos, Doug.

Scott Jablonski was ordained a transitional deacon this past Sunday the 14th, at St Joseph Church in Baraboo, where Scott has been serving a Pastoral Year. Scott is a convert to the Catholic Faith and he is going to be the guest on the popular and long-running EWTN show The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi, Monday, April 29th at 7pm (central).


Fr Eric Sternberg with Jesus at Benediction, following a period of Adoration and Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours, last Thursday at St Paul’s. Though it was raining fairly heavily, I counted 40 people, usually there are at least about 50. You might notice in the picture the new, more traditional tabernacle, replacing the all concrete and glass one that was original to the church.

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