From Camp Gray to a gray habit

Theresa "Mo-T" Wilks

Theresa “Mo-T” Wilks is a staff member at the Diocese of Madison’s Camp Gray, who wants to join the good and growing Order of the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St George, based in Alton, IL. She has already been accepted, but, as is not uncommon, she has a significant amount of student loan debt, that has to be paid first. She doesn’t make much at Camp Gray so she needs donations to cover the $35,000 debt, hopefully before this September when she hopes to enter the convent. Her blog has the details, including of course how to donate. I have some knowledge of this Order and Theresa seems like a good vocation. She’s also set to finish in May the Ave Maria University Master’s Degree in Pastoral Theology program held in Janesville.

I was most interested and touched to learn that some of “Mo-T”‘s biggest supporters are kids who know her from Camp Gray and her parish. Her efforts to date have enlisted the hard work and creativity of these kids, with an incentive system that involves rewards such as the future Sister praying a rosary just for them, or writing them a personal note. The top reward for successful young fundraisers is a slumber party together with “Mo-T” at Camp Gray. How great for kids to put their enthusiasm and effort into helping a young woman become a religious sister! This must make Jesus happy. Teaching is one of the FSGM Sisters’ apostolates so I expect Theresa’s warm rapport with kids can be put to good use. Of course, the kids are not likely to come up with so many thousands of dollars themselves, so if you can help this cause please consider giving.

Update: The Madison Catholic Herald has an article now on Mo-T.

2 Responses to From Camp Gray to a gray habit

  1. Elizabeth this is so beautiful — thank you for writing about me!

  2. Thank you Mo-T for being faithful to Jesus’ call! I fixed the spelling of your name–sorry!

    I think every reader should go to her blog and make at least a small donation, or a big donation if your means allow.


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