Rosary Rally kicks off the Fortnight for Freedom!

Fr Rick DSCN4427_editedWe had a very beautiful evening for our Rosary with Bishop Morlino. Be with us every Thursday evening at 7pm on the State Street Steps of the Capitol for this weekly event! Bishop Morlino gave an inspiring talk after we prayed, scroll down to the bottom of this post and click the player to hear him (good job Cathedral Parish and Tom Reitz for making this embeddable)!

Fr Rick leads DSCN4431_edited

praying DSCN4430_edited

Bishop speaks DSCN4435_edited

Bishop Morlino DSCN4447_edited

2 Responses to Rosary Rally kicks off the Fortnight for Freedom!

  1. I always love seeing fimiliar faces in the crowd! The Delaneys, Lucia, Jean B., etc. “Blessed be the peacemakers”! I am always telling my girls this!

  2. Excellent job, Elizabeth! NSA and other blog readers-please make sure you go to also! I am so excited to listen to Tom’s audio-Bishop Morlino was awesome! God bless Father Heilman and Bishop Morlino and everyone who prayed and videoed and photographed and blogged! Love you!


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