Obama’s Final Solution

The Obama administration had dragged its feet on providing the final version of HHS mandate regulations, a tactic that effectively prevented many groups suing for their religious freedom to be allowed to do so, on the basis that the government had not actually finalized the regulation they were objecting to.

They released it today, and it makes no serious accommodations of those whose conscience forbids cooperation with the moral evils of contraception, abortion and sterilization. Monstrous:

According to the regulation, when a religious non-profit insures its employees through an insurance company, the insurance company will be required to provide free sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs to the religious non-profit’s employees free of charge. Theoretically, the particular health insurance plan that the religious non-profit buys from an insurance company will not itself buy these things. Instead, in theory, the insurance company providing the health insurance plan to the religious non-profit will use other money that is theoretically walled off from the premiums it received from the religious non-profit to buy the services that violate the non-profit’s religious beliefs.

Figuratively, the insurance company will take the money for the insurance premiums from the religious organization and put them in its right pocket. When the insurance company needs to pay for a sterilization procedure or an abortion-inducing drug for one of the religious organization’s workers, it will take the money to pay for that out of its left pocket.

When a religious non-profit self-insures, the third party administrator will either have to pay for the sterilizations, contraceptives or abortion-inducing drugs itself, or arrange for an insurance issuer to do so. In this scenario, the regulation says the government will compensate the third party administrator or insurance company by providing it with an accommodation in the fees it pays to the state insurance exchange.

The regulation does not address the right of insurance companies or third-party administrators not to be forced by the federal government to pay for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. Thus, people whose religious and moral beliefs hold that these things are immoral will be precluded from operating businesses in these industries.

For example: A Catholic university could not contract with an insurance company owned by a Catholic family to provide its insurance–because the Catholic family just like the Catholic university would be prevented by its faith from paying for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs. Under the final regulation, the insurance company for a Catholic university will be forced to pay for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

Catholic non-profits, under the final regulation, will be forced to patronize for-profit businesses that have no problem with killing unborn children.

The only people left in America who would be able to operate health insurance companies and third-party administrators would be those people ready and willing to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.

The regulation itself can be viewed on the government website here.

Profound shame on every Catholic organization that declined to state clearly their objection to these evils–and shame on the lay people and the clergy who could have spoken up but failed. Thanks to the so many who DID. There is more heroism that will be needed.

But you know what, this is not simply a “religious freedom” issue. Oh, our religion obliges us to follow the natural moral law, so in that sense we’re calling for our freedom to practice our religion. But too often we have stopped short of what we should have been all along stating before the world, in charity: that contraception and sterilization, as well as abortion are objectively grave moral evils, are bad for women, men, children, families and society. We shouldn’t cooperate with these evils, not simply because we are religious, but because they are wrong and ultimately harmful to everyone. And same for sodomy and all homosexual behavior. Same for fornication and concubinage. Same for masturbation and pornography. Same for greed and theft and financial exploitation. Same for drunkenness and drugs and violent ways.

Above all, we are about Yes to the good. But in a way, this must preceded by a No to what is bad or simply a distraction, in order to make room for the good, which is otherwise crowded out, marginalized, compartmentalized. This doesn’t happen in a day, and it doesn’t happen without the grace of God. (Come, Holy Spirit) Empty yourself absolutely of every evil, everything worthless, and say YES to Christ Crucified, and follow Him and may the goodness of your life, your humility, your piety be a light.

Have you avoided telling others that you believe contraception is morally wrong and harmful to everyone? How about homosexual behavior? We need to speak the truth in charity. Do you talk about marriage in a way that makes it more understandable, that shows its truth and beauty? How about chaste unmarried life? It’s not that life is all about these issues, but confusion about these things keep people separated from God and the Church, and the government is conspiring with satan to bring about their eternal suffering. There is a stark choice. Do people see your joy in God and your simple love for the Catholic Church?

Finally, please come to the weekly 7pm Thursday evening Rosary Rallies on the State Street Steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol!

2 Responses to Obama’s Final Solution

  1. On July 7, 2013 at 8:16 am Jim Wrich said:


    The term “Final Solution” has historically been used to described the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany under Hitler in World War II. Your characterization of the HHS mandate as “Obama’s Final Solution” is a wretched example of inflammatory reporting and an insult to both survivors of the Holocaust and their families. I have many friends and relatives who are Jewish and they have recounted the horrors of the “Final Solution”.

    I also see the HHS mandate as an abridgement of freedom of speech and religious practice. But your analogy is cheap and sensationalistic and requires an apology.

    • On July 8, 2013 at 12:15 am Elizabeth said:

      Jim, the connection is that in both cases certain innocent people were scapegoated and killed, ostensibly to solve society’s problems. Contraception (much of it abortifacient) and direct abortion are absolutely integral and considered vitally necessary to the “progressive” idea of how to grapple with the issues of poverty and the environment. In our society, it’s the unborn, targeted by abortifacient birth control methods which employers are obliged by the HHS mandate to participate in the provision of.

      I have met holocaust survivors, I have also met postabortive moms who suffer intensely from regret and horror of their “choice” in regards to their own baby’s life, and I myself, when I was a poorly catechized fallen-away Catholic, was once a fornicator and contraceptor and have wept and wept over the knowledge that I may have conceived children who I killed through the use of contraceptives.

      Today’s scapegoating and holocaust of the next generation is all the more insidious precisely because it is far more hidden, because the people dying are not ones with a story of their own, and particularly in the case of the very early embryos that die through the use of contraception that sheds the uterine lining before they can implant and continue to grow, there is no picture of them, and if there could be, one does not see a face. They received no love; no one got to meet them. Is that cheap and sensationalistic? I was mocked once, with nasty laughter, by a “pro choice” person who did not respect my grief, and if you do not believe in life from conception, I suppose it will not surprise me if you also will not respect what I am saying. The massive slaughter by the Nazis produced stories, statistics, photographs of so many people, of so much suffering and torment. The survivors remained in our communities, the dead have been remembered, we remind each other, never forget. Let it never happen again. Truly listening calls us to stop dehumanizing people, including the unborn, and stop the way death is actually being dealt in our own time and place.

      People are on high alert not to accept their neighbors being rounded up, herded behind barbed wire, and gassed, shot, or starved/worked to death! Yes, they had better be! But there are methods now that do not strike the senses in this hideous way, but on the other hand promise liberty, sexual pleasure, more worldly opportunity for for women, and easier and wealthier life with less children or no children. Most people are quite willing for this, and the international community gets together to support and promote it as a great boon, instead of prosecuting it as crime. Really, it is a much more effective “final solution,” acceptable to far more people, with an even more notable effect on the population. Plus, anyone who objects strenuously can be attacked as being cheap and sensationalistic.

      Contraception is bad for women, men, children, families and society. The fact that so many contraceptive methods can be abortifacient is only one of the reasons why it is problematic. Refusing to participate in this is not simply a practice of a particular religion, but is a life and death moral matter.

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