The Child Who Never Was

Dave Peters

I featured one of my homeless friend Dave Peters’ poems at Christmas time. He gave me another winning poem today and agreed I could share it with you together with a picture of him today at Vinnie’s Lockers.


What color was your hair?
Was it black or brown?
What color were your eyes?
Were they blue or brown?
A young girl bears a secret,
The world must never know.
As she searches for an answer,
The life within her grows.
What kind of person would you be?
What kind of life would you have lived?
Did anyone feel your pain?
Or hear your silent scream?
The world will never know.
You are the child who never was.

One of Dave’s cousins whom he counts a hero was a victim of rape who kept her baby and tells now what a good choice that was! So much grace in such a loving choice.

2 Responses to The Child Who Never Was

  1. I was an unwed mother 40 years ago. Kept my son, who is a great credit to me. He is a great human being, who is in college with a late vocation as a doctor, and has 2 $daughters, whom I love dearly. Pray that God blesses his vocation

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