Madison, give with confidence to CCHD

Someone brought up to me the issue of funds of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development given to truly questionable groups. It’s true, it really is troubling and there are efforts to reform CCHD.

Because the Madison Diocese’s National Combined Collections including CCHD is next Sunday, it made me want to put a note here that people in the Madison Diocese do NOT have to be afraid to give to the CCHD collection. Bishop Morlino, who is awesome, has declined to allow the “national” portion of our diocese’s CCHD collection to go to their general fund, but for several years now has specified himself a worthy beneficiary that does not work contrary to Catholic teaching. Bishop Ricken of the Green Bay Diocese reportedly decided in 2010 to withhold funding from the national CCHD, too, and send the money instead to CRS or a Vatican fund to help the poor.

This is what the Madison Diocese website says:

Collection Monies – Where does it go?

Each year, parishes throughout the country take up a special collection for CCHD. Half of the funds collected for CCHD stay in the home diocese, for programs in that diocese. The other half is dedicated to national projects/programs.

National Portion

  • In 2008, Bishop Morlino dedicated the national portion toward the assistance of the victims of Hurricane Ike, through the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston. (Click here for a copy of Bishop Morlino’s 2008 letter to his priests of the Diocese of Madison regarding this subject.)
  • In 2009, Bishop Morlino dedicated the national portion to support the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor and their international outreach to the elderly. (Click here for a copy of Bishop Morlino’s November 11, 2009 letter to the faithful regarding this collection.)
  • In 2010, prior to the full body of the USCCB discussing the funds and future of CCHD, Bishop Morlino had decided that the national portion of the collection would go to benefit the work of the Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR), led by Fr. Benedict Groeschel.  Central to the CFR mission is to serve the materially poor, most especially the destitute and homeless. We know Fr. Benedict and the CFRs to be unreproachable
  • In 2011, with a number unresolved questions remaining regarding CCHD (national), the national portion of the CCHD collection has been designated to the Missionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa’s nuns) and their work with the poor.  This information was found in the Catholic Herald, prior to the November CCHD collection.

While many seek out answers to questions arising with regard to organizations previously assisted through the CCHD collection, Bishop Morlino has assured the Diocese of Madison that until he is personally confident that funds collected from the faithful of the Diocese of Madison will not be used to fund groups which violate the teaching of the Church by their policies, he will continue to seek out other helpful ways to assist those in need.

Local Portion

Through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, the Office of Justice and Pastoral Outreach is seeking worthy local projects to fund.  Please contact the office for more information on both local and National CCHD grant opportunities. Click button below to access grant forms. (Click here to read Catholic Herald article about newly formed local CCHD committee and these local grants.)

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