The next, and likely even more aggressive, wave of persecution

Bishop Morlino says:

It is unclear exactly what the Supreme Court decisions will legally mean in our country. The fact remains that marriage means something, and this something is from God and cannot be changed by us, our laws, or by our courts. The truth of marriage is an absolute, with which we have no right to meddle. It is very clear what the Church’s response will be. We will tirelessly continue to promote the truth about marriage (and about all other matters) until the end of time. We have an obligation, in charity to the entire world, to do so. May God bless all people of good will who stand with us.

His statement is calm. We should be peaceful and charitable. But there is little doubt that the phenomenon of the moral heresy that homosexual behavior is good or neutral, is mushrooming. The likelihood is that the Church will be more and more besieged for belief in chastity and in God’s plan for married family life. The promotion of homosexuality also has the purpose of destroying people’s understanding of marriage as being for procreation, or having a positive value for the common good. The powerful motivating belief is really that controlling births is a key necessity for “systemic change” tackling critical problems of poverty and of the environment. Their war is on fecundity primarily, and on chastity secondarily and from a perspective of profound cynicism. Christian hope and real virtue is a light for a world in darkness.


Take up your cross. What we offer the world, our message and the reality of that message lived out, is very good. We will be opposed. The moral truth does not need to be, and cannot be, adapted to demands of the world, but we need to be willing to suffer to bear witness to its truth and goodness, and its beauty. In this is great charity.

2 Responses to The next, and likely even more aggressive, wave of persecution

  1. Excellent, Elizabeth! Thank you! The university program called “Gender Studies” is an evil branch of this agenda. Lord have mercy!

  2. Church needs to start pushing back to regain its standing in the secular society otherwise being on defensive all the time makes it lose more and more ground over time. There’s a consistent pattern of loss in the past 40, 50 with an onslaught of anti-life and anti-family laws, etc. Not only individuals are at stake, this can be said of countries as well as the entire civilization as a whole.


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