Corpus Christi Procession: Jesus at the Capitol

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession: Deacon Vince Brewer carries the Monstrance with Jesus from St Patrick's Church, toward Capitol Square.

A shot of the people walking in the Corpus Christi Procession toward Capitol Square.

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession heads onto Capitol Square

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession along the sidewalk on the east side of the Capitol building

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession approaches the State Street Steps of the Capitol, precisely where the "Recall Walker" protests had been centered. In the background, the steeple of Grace Episcopal Church.

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession ascends the steps, past the "Miss Forward" statue.

2012 Madison Corpus Christi Procession ascends the steps of the Capitol Building.

The Blessed Sacrament on the altar set up at the top of the State Street Steps of the Capitol.

Viva Cristo Rey.

First Communicants.

Preparing to head back down the Capitol Steps, bringing the Blessed Sacrament under the canopy. This is Deacon Garrett Kau with the monstrance.

This picture gives an idea of the great crowd of people. There was a convergence of those who attended 11am Mass at St Patrick's, and the 11am Spanish language Mass at Holy Redeemer Church. Now they are preparing to continue to process to Holy Redeemer Church. You can see the chalking on the sidewalk referring to Gov Walker. This was where all the huge Recall demonstrations were.

Photographs can’t capture how moving and beautiful  this procession was, nor can I describe it all. These capitol steps have been an embattled place for many months, as the “Recall” demonstrations have centered right there. In his sermon after the Blessed Sacrament was enthroned on the altar at the top of the steps, Monsignor Holmes the Cathedral rector said, many people have gathered here to say, vote for this one and not for that one–but our purpose here is different. We are here to bring our Catholic faith out into the streets, it is not meant to be hidden behind walls. On our hearts and minds are the threats to religious liberty that have arisen in the past year, though there have also been some bright spots, such as school vouchers in Milwaukee and Racine able to be used for Catholic education. Those who came here from other countries know that religious freedom is not respected everywhere, and the suffering has been in many places very great. He concluded: “Viva Cristo Rey!” and people responded. He read the same in Spanish also. There was time also for silent prayer in the Lord’s presence there on the steps, before we processed down State Street and to Holy Redeemer Church for Benediction. Bishop Morlino had fallen ill enough to be unable to participate (nothing grave) or he would have led this. I thought of him as very present anyway.

These steps will also be where the Thursday evening Rosary Rallies will be, “for life, family, and the conversion of the world.” It was very precious to be here with Our Lord–no better preparation. Where the Holy Eucharist is, there the Church is, there are all the holy ones living and dead incorporated into Christ’s Body. It happened that I was quite tired today, not having gotten much sleep, and really not feeling well, but after the Procession and Benediction I went to the Adoration Chapel and just didn’t want to leave, just loving being near Him.

[Update: Rich Bonomo made a handheld video of the procession, beginning from near the end of when Monsignor Holmes was speaking and the Blessed Sacrament was on the altar at the Capitol.]

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  1. Another fabulous job, Elizabeth! Thank you so much! It was an absolutely fabulous procession!!!!

  2. Fabulous pictures, Elizabeth!

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos!


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