A field important to Wisconsin

I was wandering through the Wisconsin State Capital Building today, and in some upper corridors there are painted ceiling decorations depicting various fields important to Wisconsin, from Carpentry to Poetry. I believe these were probably done in the nineteen-teens, when the building was completed. Each set of decorations surrounds a light fixture, with a painted placard on either side of the light, and on the other axis an image representing each of those fields. When I saw some of these I had a hunch that somewhere there must be Religion.

"Religion" and "Singing" decoration at the Wisconsin State Capital BuildingI looked in another corridor, and… Yes! Here we have “Singing” and “Religion”.

"Religion" plaquard at Wisconsin State Capital Building

This says “RELIGION”. I found it difficult to get a good picture while aiming the camera right near a light fixture. Now, how to illustrate religion, while using just one simply styled human figure? A delicate conundrum. There are many different religions you know. And can the state really imply that religion is an important field, when there are also emphatic atheists? Do religious people actually do anything that is beneficial and necessary to Wisconsin?

"Religion" figure on the ceiling of a corridor in the Wisconsin State Capital BuildingGood call.

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