Cathedral Parish videos–new and beautiful

Madison’s Cathedral Parish, the parish I belong to, draws parishioners from far beyond its territory, and you can get a good glimpse of why that is in these two really excellent new short films. The first video is a welcome to the parish, full of life and interest and beauty. We get to meet some regular but great parishioners. They took a lot of footage, it’s full of perfectly real scenes of parish life and they took lots of time and care in making this.

Touching to see friends and people I know and love–there’s much more to them than meets the eye. These are all people of substance. The woman who introduces herself as an anaesthesiologist at UW is Dr Nancy Fredericks, who is not only an 11am Sunday Mass usher but the hero whistleblower who stopped the plan to do late-term abortions at her workplace, Madison Surgery Center (notice there’s a video of her story at that link, you have to click for it). We don’t really know each other but I am a little awed and moved every time she simply smiles and hands me a bulletin, or one time when I dried the dishes she was washing after a parish dinner.

The Cathedral Parish presently consists of 2 church buildings, St Patrick’s on E Main St and beautiful old Holy Redeemer Church on W Johnson St. Below is a fascinating and gorgeous tour of Holy Redeemer. A church like this one catechizes through its art and architecture, and this video teaches a lot about the Faith in the process of explaining the things one sees in the church. I am there all the time, and the video pointed out interesting things I never (or hardly) noticed.

I do notice that it totally omits the innards of the bell tower! Don’t worry, Laetificat Blog takes you where the regular tour doesn’t go. 🙂

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