Jan 12 event: The Dolorous Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

I’ve been asked to post the PDF flier for Pro Life Wisconsin and Vigil for Life Wisconsin’s Saturday, Jan 12 event at 11am on the State Street Steps of the WI State Capitol for the sorrowful anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion across our country, leading to subsequent killing of 55 million innocent unborn babies, to date. The info:

Saturday, January 12, 2012

State Street Steps of the Capitol
15 Decade Rosary 11am-noon (for those UNABLE to join in outdoors, there will be a simultaneous rosary going on indoors at St Patrick’s Church 404 E Main St. In case of inclement weather, all pray inside)

Followed by a Pro-Life Potluck and Program 12:15-3pm in the St Patrick’s Church basement.

Joey Schmutte of Pro Life Wisconsin Speaker’s Bureau will be presenting “Planned Parenthood’s Agenda”

For more info, contact Bette at (608)358-5963 or [email protected]

[The actual anniversary date of the Roe v Wade decision is Jan 22nd.]

I am stealing this JPG version of the flier from Syte Reitz, who has a good post about this:


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