Food Pantry Gardens

St Isidore the Farmer

Every morning before going to work, Isidore was accustomed to hearing Mass at one of the churches in Madrid. One day, his fellow labourers complained to their master that Isidore was always late for work in the morning. Upon investigation, so runs the legend, the master found Isidore at prayer whilst an angel was doing the ploughing for him.

This past Monday evening, on the vigil of the liturgical feast of St Isidore the Farmer, Msgr Kevin Holmes blessed the “Lacy Garden,” a plot about half the size of a city block, where all sorts of produce is grown for the St Vincent de Paul food pantry. This is just one of several area Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens. I wanted to go (blessing of the fields! isn’t that so Catholic and awesome!) but the time conflicted with our Religious Freedom Group.

Are you in the Madison area and like gardening? It is a great enjoyable experience and no experience is required. Tom Parslow, the Lacy Garden Coordinator, is a wonderful man who I know in the past was very willing to give a brief presentation about the gardens to groups where some people might be interested in volunteering, so if you have such a group you might contact him about that.

There is a video about Lacy Food Pantry Garden:

Madison Area Food Pantry Gardens website

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