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Falling off my horse: the conversion of Elizabeth D from Daily Kos Progressive to Devout Catholic

For the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul. Up until shortly after I returned to the Catholic Church in 2006, I used to be a very involved political progressive. I was truly not important nor specially influential. But in no particular order, I marched in a peace march in DC next to Cindy Sheehan… (read more)

The Labyrinth: walking toward Christ… then away

Via the great Badger Catholic Blog, the facebook comments of apologist Karl Keating on the conspicuous Sinsinawa Dominican infatuation with labyrinths: Just when you think the New Age movement has faded into 1980s oblivion, you learn something like this.The Sinsinawa Dominicans is a women’s order located in southwest Wisconsin, just across the Mississippi River from… (read more)