New Edgewood College President

Edgewood CollegeIt is not a surprise that Edgewood College chose the internal candidate from among the three finalists identified in their search process: Scott Flanagan, who had formerly been the Executive Vice President. None of the candidates had any appearance of being people oriented toward strengthening Catholic identity, which on a scale of 1 to 10 is maybe about negative 2 at Edgewood College.

In all my involvement with the Catholic Church locally over the past 8 years, only once, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, did I ever meet a current Edgewood student at a Catholic event (a St Paul’s event). I may have even run into her a couple of times. When I went there personally to find out about whether it would be possible for me to get an education there that would be supportive of my Catholic faith, after a careful inquiry to the relevant staff and faculty my conclusion was that no, that was not available at Edgewood. Also the place seemed festooned with “glbtq” everything. There was no pro life club. The campus ministry lady found the Catechism of the Catholic Church objectionable. Etc.

I have not stopped praying for Edgewood College of the Sacred Heart (and the other Edgewood schools). I will pray for Scott Flanagan. The leaders of this school must be aware of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the Church’s document on Catholic identity in higher education. Do they know there are local Catholics who would like to have the opportunity for Catholic higher education in our community? We would like all the good of the Catholic intellectual, moral and religious tradition to really get shared with our Madison community.

The search committee picked a guy they believe can handle the financial and enrollment aspects of Edgewood. How will Scott Flanagan work to restore the mission of Edgewood as truly a Catholic school for the flowering of a Christian culture in our time and place?

Should I send him my Sinsinawa book? Not necessarily. I have a copy of this book on authentic Catholic education in the Dominican tradition, maybe I’ll send him that with a letter about how Catholic identity of Edgewood is important to us. Anyone else have any comments about your positive hopes for Edgewood College?

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  1. According to Canon 833 Sec 7 of the Code of Canon Law, “The following are obliged personally to make a profession of faith according to the formula approved by the Apostolic See: … in the presence of the grand chancellor or, in his absence, in the presence of the local ordinary or their delegates, the rector of an ecclesiastical or Catholic university, when the rector’s function begins…” He or she is also expected to take the Oath of Fidelity.

    As a canonical matter, then. I conclude that the incoming president of Edgewood College would be expected to comply with these requirements. As a practical matter, though, I would be surprised to see it happen.

    • I sent him the book put together by the Nashville Dominicans, Behold the Heritage, which contains a number of Church documents on education and essays on the Dominican educational tradition. I also sent Fr Mazzuchelli’s Memoirs. I wrote an appropriate cover letter. The canon refers to universities, so although you are a priest and may well be right, I noticed Catholic documents (Ex Corde Ecclesiae) seem to distinguish somewhat between universities and colleges, so I did not want to seem to be demanding more than the letter of the law calls for, even though of course everyone in such a position should be completely committed to Catholic fidelity.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. Edgewood College-hmmm. One of our children attended one year of college there and transferred. His first semester roommate freshman year had a very large condom poster on the wall. Soorowful place. Lord have mercy.

  3. Sorrowful, that is.

  4. My friend went there as a boarding student for college and climbed the fence to leave campus when it was all girls.

  5. Glad to see you back, Elizabeth!
    Your witness is always nice to see online.
    Jack in KC


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