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Cathedral Parish videos–new and beautiful

The great Madison contingent at the March for Life

Above, I especially enjoyed this picture that Madison Catholic Youth posted to facebook, depicting the excitement of the highschoolers from Madison, as they’re just an hour from DC where they would attend the March for Life. But what occasion my post is young Madison Catholic Ben Yanke’s fun and epic photo post on his great… (read more)

Revealed: the liberal master plan!

Imagine Sisters

Septuagesima Sunday

In the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, the green vestments are gone already and we’ve begun a liturgical season that entirely does not exist anymore in the Ordinary Form: the “pre-Lent season”, Septuagesima Sunday, Sexegesima Sunday, and Quinquagesima Sunday. It’s on this Sunday that “Alleluia” is reposed until the Feast of the Resurrection, whereas in… (read more)

Falling off my horse: the conversion of Elizabeth D from Daily Kos Progressive to Devout Catholic

New at SVDP: a pharmacy just for the poor

Our future

From the WI State Journal Sunday: He remembers praying the rosary with his family as a middle-school student outside the Planned Parenthood clinic on Madison’s East Side, which provides abortions. He figures he’s been back 30 or so times, sometimes by himself, other times with friends. “I pray not only that the institution would close… (read more)

A Sinsinawa Dominican gives a homily, and an Archbishop gives them a homily

Events for Men in Madison

I’m a woman. But there are several great Catholic men’s events coming up in Madison, and we all benefit when men go to faithful Catholic things like these. Fortes in Fide Men’s Retreat with Fr Z and reknowned apologist Raymond de Souza Feb 22-23, 2013 Wow. What an AMAZING retreat, right at the Bishop O’Connor… (read more)

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