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Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Morlino

I have been asked to post requesting participation in the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison’s Spiritual Bouquet for Bishop Morlino, in thanks for his support for reverent liturgy in our diocese. The deadline for participating is Dec 23rd, but don’t wait till then, do it now while you are thinking about it. I was provided… (read more)

Fr Z at Holy Redeemer

Fr John Zuhlsdorf celebrated our 7am Traditional Latin Mass at Holy Redeemer Church. He sings simply beautifully and his homily was good. I thought some would want to see pictures from the reception after Mass. He is a very friendly great priest. Yes of course there was Mystic Monk Coffee, three varieties! Fr Z will… (read more)

Holy Redeemer Schola Director Larry Stich: Gregorian Chant Illuminates the Words of the Liturgy

Lawrence Stich, the director of the Holy Redeemer Schola Cantorum, kindly granted me an email interview–a first for my blog, and I hope to do some more interviews. The Schola sings Greogrian chant about twice a month for our 7am Sunday Traditional Latin Mass, including this Sunday, Nov 25th. They welcome new members, and no… (read more)

Father John Zuhlsdorf, new President of the Tridentine Mass Society of Madison, to Celebrate Traditional Mass at Holy Redeemer Church Nov 25

I asked both Fr Eric Sternberg and Msgr Kevin Holmes, and they confirmed that it’s perfectly public that Fr John Zuhlsdorf has been appointed, by decree of diocesan Vicar General Msgr James Bartylla nominated, in response to the Society’s request, by Bishop Morlino, duly elected by the Society, and then confirmed by a lovely decree… (read more)

Saint Margaret of Scotland, my greatgreatgreatetc grandmother

  My mom is into geneaology research. Occasionally her discoveries are interesting. We’re descended from executed Salem “witch” Mary Eastey, who was obviously not a witch but a good wife and mother who wrote a deeply Christian letter forgiving her accusers and killers. On my dad’s side I’m descended from Joseph Broussard, who led the… (read more)

The Year of Faith, an important time of renewal

Our Cathedral Parish is a prime place to be, to live the Year of Faith which the Holy Father has invited us all to embark on. His Apostolic Letter Porta Fide introduced this and directed us especially to study of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (this year is its 20th anniversary) and the documents… (read more)